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Yoyoboko is an Australian brand that focuses on creating high-quality, creative and engaging toys and products that not only enrich the growth and development of children, but also minorities of the community and society who are in need.

Established in 2014, Yoyoboko first started retailing our products in North America and Europe, and in 2019, we finally began marketing our products in Australia.

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A heart-felt book that encourages creativity, self-learning and life skills.

Boko Book is a lightweight and portable quiet book that aims to provide kids with exciting, engaging and educational activities to complete that keeps them focused and occupied. Designed in Australia with interesting and practical activities on each page and assembled in Malaysia by refugee women from Afghanistan and Myanmar, Boko Book was created to benefit children through educational play, while also assisting refugee women with employment as they build new lives after their times of tribulation.

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Yoyoboko’s Ele-Fun Star Chart is a behaviour chart for children that aims to encourage responsibility and independence at an early age. The reward chart can be used by up to 4 kids and acknowledges children’s positive behaviour changes by rewarding them and keeping them motivated to continue being responsible.

See the positive review for the chart below!

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We have been using [the chart] faithfully for almost 2 weeks now and my children have done a complete 180 on their behavior. There is no more struggle with bath time or sitting down to do homework. They look forward to earning stars everyday. I love this board. Worth every penny!

Mommyof3 / Amazon US

Love it. My son concentrates on behaving to gain stars so he can get treats at the weekend. He loves it. I have recommended to a friend and it works brilliantly with her son who has ADHD.

Ms R Chapman / Amazon UK

I have a lot of behavior problems with my son not wanting to do anything he’s asked. Every day it’s a fight to have him brush his teeth, get dressed, clean up, etc… Only been using this for a day and so far he’s like a completely different kid doing everything he’s asked and excited about doing the tasks to get more stars. Highly recommended!

GTA / Amazon CA

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