Monthly Archives: September 2016

How Important Is Playtime For Children?

Kids typically spend their whole time playing when they are awake. They play with their parents, siblings and other children. Playing plays a vital role in their life. However, not many parents are aware of just how important playing is to a child. When they reach their schooling years, parents usually limit their children’s playtime […]

Why is my Child so Irresponsible?

Every parent wants their child to display responsible behaviours. Aside from making parental life easier, it also assures parents that their children will have good lives when they become adults. But the problem is that once in a while, children will exhibit irresponsible behaviours and parents are left wondering what went wrong along the way. […]

Changing Your Child’s Undesirable Behaviour by Reinforcing Desired Behaviour

Probably, all parents, especially mothers have encountered undesirable behaviours coming from their children. We often scold them or make statements like, “next time, I won’t let you come to the grocery with me”, but to no avail. Exhausted and feeling embarrassed, you just end up either going along with your child or take him home […]