How to Raise a Responsible Child

You ask your child to put his toys inside his toy box, but when you check his room, it’s still a disaster. You want your child to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, but they’re still all over his room. How do you encourage your child to take responsibility when your child is refusing to take it?

First of all, don’t expect a miracle. Bear in mind that instilling responsibility takes a long time. Persistently teach and talk to your child about responsibility as he grows. Just be patient with the whole process. Eventually, your child will start to get how important doing his responsibility is.

Do not reiterate. Just tell them about their responsibility and that’s it. The more you remind your child about his responsibility, the more he’ll refuse to do it. Just tell him once, make him decide whether to do it or no, and then allow him to do his responsibility at his own pace.

How to Raise a Responsible Child
How to Raise a Responsible Child

What if he decides to refuse his responsibility? Then, show your kid the consequences of not taking responsibility. Make him feel what it’s like if he doesn’t take responsibility. For example, if your child refuses to put his dirty clothes into a hamper, don’t wash the clothes. When he starts running out of clean clothes, he will surely panic and by this time, show him the way to the washer and dryer. Tell him that you’ll only wash clothes that are in the hamper.

Remember not to rescue your children when they are suffering the consequences of not taking responsibilities. As a parent, it is quite normal for you to help your kids when you see them suffering. But this should not be done when they are suffering from not taking responsibility. Instead gently empathize with them. Do not bail them out.

Whatever a child sees in his parents, he will perceive it as “RIGHT”. So remember to lead by example. Be more responsible and suffer the consequences of not doing your responsibility. Don’t say one thing and do the opposite. This way, your child will understand that taking responsibility is important. That it is not only him who should be responsible, but you as well.


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