Why is my Child so Irresponsible?

Every parent wants their child to display responsible behaviours. Aside from making parental life easier, it also assures parents that their children will have good lives when they become adults. But the problem is that once in a while, children will exhibit irresponsible behaviours and parents are left wondering what went wrong along the way.

If you have a child who used to be responsible but is now showing signs of irresponsibility, here are a few of the reasons for his actions.

Why is my Child so Irresponsible

Strict Parenting

Most parents think that being strict is one of the best ways to raise children. But this is actually far from the truth. Being authoritative can make it difficult for your children to express themselves, play with other kids or enjoy being kids.

Kids with strict parents find it difficult to exercise making independent decisions, thus, they tend to become dependent on their parents. When you put them out into the world, they begin to exhibit undesired behaviour. They exhibit poor social skills and are more prone to becoming bullies.

Lenient Parenting

There’s a saying known as “too much of something is bad”. This goes for parenting as well. Being too strict can be bad. But, being too lenient has its own problems as well.

Children, whose parents do everything for them and don’t set rules, tend to know less about responsibility. Thus, they just do whatever they want because they don’t experience the consequences of their undesirable behaviours. Parents must set rules and allow a child to suffer the consequences of his undesirable behaviour.

Inappropriate Expectations

Don’t expect too much of your child, but don’t expect less from him as well. When giving a child a task or a chore, make sure that it is appropriate for his age. Don’t expect a 5 year old child to do dishes properly. They must be supervised. Don’t give too much chores to a teenager and give them enough independence and opportunities to decide by themselves


This is one of the most common reasons for undesirable behaviours in children. Whenever you feel that your child is stressed, you should always be ready to talk. And, if you want them to cope up with stress, you should always be ready work with them to minimize the stress and help them cope up.

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