Giving My Child Chores: Is It Worth It?

Chores are among the most exasperating things to give to our children. But like it or not, they help kids in a lot of ways. You and your child may not realize it now, but later on, you both will.

According to Marty Rossman, an associate professor of family education at the University of Minnesota, doing household chores at an early age can have a positive impact later on in your kid’s life. Rossman said that “the best predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20’s was that they participated in household tasks when they were three or four.”

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They will begin to see themselves as important contributors to your family, as it allows them the opportunity to give back to their parents for all that their parents have done for them. This also gives them a sense of connection to the family.

Kids who do their chores are more likely to have structures in their lives. By allowing your kids to do their chores at their own pace, while supervising or monitoring them, will help give them a sense of structure. They will start to do their chores on a timely manner, while feeling good if they are able to finish them ahead of time.

Making them accountable for doing their chores will also help build a sense of responsibility, making them more responsible. They will begin to feel more confident and capable for being able to handle their tasks.

So it may not be the most pleasant conversation you’ll have with your child, but by assigning him or her some household chores while your child is still young, you’ll be able to raise your child into a responsible adult.

Hope this article helps you. Next, we’ll give you tips on which household chore is appropriate for your child.

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