How Important Is Playtime For Children?

Kids typically spend their whole time playing when they are awake. They play with their parents, siblings and other children. Playing plays a vital role in their life. However, not many parents are aware of just how important playing is to a child. When they reach their schooling years, parents usually limit their children’s playtime and add more time on studying and doing chores.

In recent studies, the National Associations of Elementary Principals found out that more than 90% of schools had at least one recess period and after a decade they also found out that only 70% kindergarten classes offered one recess period per day. This means that children are having less time to play.

But why is playing so important to a child?

Importance of Playing

Playing has a vital role in a child’s life. Studies suggest that kids, who are able to play enough amounts of time, are more imaginative and creative. It also helps them develop their dexterity, as well as their physical and cognitive strength. Children, who are able to have ample playtimes, also tend to become more emotionally stable.

How Important Is Playtime For Children
How Important Is Playtime For Children

Playing gives a child the opportunity to explore the world. Exploring the world helps him develop his social skills. Kids who are given ample, unscheduled playtimes, tend to be more friendly and approachable. They are more likely to have easier time building friendships.

One of the best advantages of playing is that it gives a child the opportunity to practice adult roles. It also helps develop his confidence. Thus, a child will be more likely to take on and work on tasks independently.

In recent studies, researchers were able to determine that children, who aren’t given enough playtimes, tend to show higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression. They are also more prone to exhibiting undesired behaviours. Some children even resort to violent behaviours and tend to struggle in academics.

So always make sure that you give your child enough and unscheduled playtimes. This will surely make him develop into a confident, responsible adult. On our next article, we will discuss more about giving your child playtimes.



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