How to be a Fantastic Parent

Every parent’s dream is to become fantastic; not just in the eyes of other people, but most especially in the eyes of their children.  If you want to be a fantastic parent and if you want to make sure you’re raising a fantastically responsible child, here are some tips for you.

Set Boundaries

Most parents don’t like to set boundaries for fear that their children would come to hate them. But the fact is that, children need to have limitations. This is so they can understand and manage the inner workings of our confusing society or world. By setting up boundaries, your child can explore and discover the world, as well as their passions, safely.

Discipline Your Child

Discipline is not punishment. It enforces limits and teaches your child to behave appropriately. In the end, they will grow up to be responsible, compassionate adults.

Give a Child Some Responsibilities

Often, we as parents, do most of the things for our kids, especially during toddler years. However, doing everything is not good. You should start giving your child a few responsibilities when they are around 3 years old. Make sure that these responsibilities are age-appropriate though. It can be something like, getting dressed, putting toys away, clearing his plate from the dining table or fixing his bed.

Picking the Right Battles

Let go of small things and focus on things that matter. Don’t argue with your child when the issue is just fashion, toy choices or potty languages. Instead, your attention should always be on important matters such as no hitting, rude talking, lying, not doing their homework or chores, etc. These are the things that will affect your child’s future.

How to be a Fantastic Parent

Playtime with Your Children

Always have time to play with your child. Allow them to choose the kind of game they want to play and don’t worry too much about the rules. Just have fun and go with the flow. This way, you can create good, warm memories that your child will have until he grows up into an adult.

Warm Memories

Playing with your child surely creates warm memories. But playing is not the only activity that creates happy memories. You should also find time to read books with your child on a daily basis. You can schedule daily special time, where your child can choose an activity without interruptions. You may even schedule weekend walks at the park with your child.

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