Sneak Peek at Our Latest Amazing Products

Soon, Yoyoboko will be introducing 2 New, Amazing Products!

Today, we are going to give you a sneak peek at these new products!

Yoyoboko Bumblebee Time Teacher

First in line is the Yoyoboko Bumblebee Time Teacher! This new product from Yoyoboko was designed to provide a more efficient way for kids to learn how to read time. Designed to go with any room colour theme, you will definitely have an easier time deciding where you want to put this time teacher.

Yoyoboko Bumblebee Time Teacher
Yoyoboko Bumblebee Time Teacher

The colours of this magnetic clock provide a fun and simple visual effect on children. With large, clear drawings and lively colours, teaching your kids how to read time will be fun and easy!

Another good feature of this time teacher is that it is designed to cater to multiple children. So, matter how many children you have, this magnetic clock is ideal for you.

Yoyoboko A4 Paint Palette Time Organizer

Our second product, the Yoyoboko A4 Paint Palette Time Organizer, is specifically designed to assist a child in learning how to read time. But aside from teaching your child the concept of time, it also teaches a child to value and manage time.

Yoyoboko A4 Paint Palette Time Organizer
Yoyoboko A4 Paint Palette Time Organizer

This time organizer comes in light, subtle colour to match the bumblebee time teacher, as well as any room in your house. It comes with magnetic labels and a write & wipe marker. The labels are equipped with strong magnets so that they stick easily to the paint palette, but are easy enough to be removed by kids.

By combining the Bumblebee Time Teacher with the A4 Paint Palette Time Organizer, you can teach your children how they can schedule and manage their time. These come with magnetic labels and a wipe marker so you can easily customize the clock to fit your children’s needs and requirements.

What’s more awesome is that these products are not only fit to be used at home. These can also be used by teachers at school. During its creation, we’ve taken into consideration the needs of teachers in terms of teaching kids to read time and responsibility.

Yoyoboko Magnetic Daily Planning Clock and Yoyoboko Time Organizer have both been tested for safety and durability. They also comply with the children’s toy safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC).

Teach your kids to read time. Teach them to manage and value their time. Help them grow up to responsible, time-valuing adults, while creating a long-loving and fun bond with them!

Yoyoboko Bumblebee Time Teacher and Yoyoboko A4 Paint Palette Time Organizer are both scheduled to be launched this November 2016!

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