The heart-felt book that encourages creativity, self-learning and life skills

Boko Book is a lightweight and portable quiet book that encourages self-learning, fine motor skills and teaches various life skills. It aims to provide kids with exciting, engaging and educational activities to complete that keeps them focused and occupied. Designed in Australia with interesting and practical activities on each page and assembled in Malaysia by refugee women from Afghanistan and Myanmar, Boko Book was created with the aim to benefit children through educational play, while also assisting refugee women and their families with employment as they build new lives after their times of tribulation.

Provide kids with fun and educational activities to complete independently

Boko Books are felt activity books designed with the goal of independent, educational learning for children. It is available in 2 different versions, each containing 13 pages of highly practical and mentally stimulating activities for children aged 3 and above. From one book, younger children can familiarise themselves with basic numbers, colours, seasons and weather conditions while learning skills like sorting and counting, and with the other book, older children can be introduced and get accustomed to various household activities, habits and chores which may be relevant to them as they grow.

Boko Book comes in 2 versions – Boko Book: Let’s go Outside (left), and Boko Book: Around the House (right)

This quiet book can also serve as a tool for imaginative and creative expression. Instead of reaching for phones and tablets, reach for something more organic to keep young minds entertained. Boko Book promotes creativity, imagination and bonding with your children as it can be used as a tool for storytelling, as well as learning. The busy book can be used to prompt children to talk about their day, their ideas and even to create stories as a relationship building activity with parents.

All the activities are presented in a neat and interesting felt book which can be easily brought along and packed for trips and on outings to suit situations and places where children are expected to be still such as during long periods of travel on planes and cars, in church, at certain social events or even when you’re busy and need to keep them entertained. The zip up design of the case ensures that small pieces are easily contained and minimises the chance of them getting lost when on the go.

Along with the various learning benefits, busy books can also be used as an introduction to children to get them into the habit of reading and to help them foster healthy reading habits. Reading can be approached in a different way for kids who don’t really enjoy it or for those who have trouble sitting down and concentrating when reading books.

“We were lucky enough to come across Boko Book. It is gorgeously crafted and well designed for meaningful play.  With attention to detail, it is especially suitable for my 4 year old daughter who is loves pretend play. I needed to guide her through the first time but now she happily plays independently. Unlike other felt toys we have such as storyboards, the beauty is Boko Book can be zipped up to avoid losing pieces!” – Darcy T.

Available in Two Different Versions

Boko Book: Around the House

Boko Book: Around the House is set at home and aims to help familiarise children with daily routines and habits around the home. Children can practice basic habits such as hygiene, dressing and packing up toys, as well as being introduced to more advanced skills like washing and sorting clothes, preparing food and recycling. The book can be used as a tool for introducing and preparing children for greater responsibilities around the home, and even as a storytelling prompter for daily life. This book is recommended for parents who want to acquaint their children with household chores and activities in a fun and interesting way.

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Boko Book: Around the House (8 pages of 14)

Boko Book: Let’s Go Outside

Boko Book: Let’s Go Outside is set in the outdoors and encourages children to practice counting and sorting while honing their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills. The book is also a platform to learn about the environment, animals and to practice daily functions like buckling, zipping and buttoning. This version of Boko Book is recommended for children who are still unfamiliar with (or have an interest in) counting, sorting, colours, weather and basic motor functions.

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Boko Book: Let’s Go Outside (8 pages of 14)

Afghanistan and Myanmar refugees

Boko Books are made in Malaysia by a group of women from Afghanistan and Myanmar who have sought refuge in Malaysia to escape war, violence and persecution stemming from forced religious assimilation in their home country.

Refugees in Malaysia have no social status and are unable to access basic healthcare, education or government protection, meaning that it isn’t uncommon for employers to underpay and overwork them. Children also can’t access basic government education and rely on the help of their community members, as well as volunteer teachers for education. Refugees in Malaysia also live in fear of police checks and raids which could potentially result in their deportation.

The women who assemble Boko Books have learnt craft skills to assist them in earning an income to support themselves and their family. Many of them work on the project from home and in their own time, giving them the flexibility to care for their families while still earning an income.

For the first run of manufacturing, there are only 500 books available for each style. The success of this project is dependent on demand and with your support, we hope to continue making Boko Books for children around the world and also to support the refugee women and their families who are doing their best given their circumstances.

Due to this unconventional handmade process, Boko Books are not perfect and each book may differ from the next, as well as from the images on the listing. Although the women put their care and best efforts into each book and we do our best in checking over the books, sometimes things may not be perfect. In these cases, we ask that our customers are understanding of minor flaws. If there are major faults, please feel free to let us know so we can rectify the mistake.