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Boko Book

Keep your kids quiet and focused while they learn and play

Boko Book is a lightweight and portable fabric book that encourages self-learning, fine motor skills and teaches various life skills

Designed with different activities on each page, Boko Book encourages kids to learn and play independently 

It keeps kids quiet and occupied in situations where you need them to be:

  • During long periods of travel on planes and cars
  • In church, at social events
  • When you’re busy and need to keep them entertained

Easy to pack for trips and bring along on outings

Instead of reaching for phones and tablets, reach for something more organic to keep young minds entertained

Suitable for younger children who haven’t quite grasped reading:

  • Get children in the habit of reading!
  • Helps children foster healthy reading habits
  • Approach reading in a different way with kids who don’t really enjoy it


Manufacturing - Myanmar refugees

The Boko Book is made in Malaysia by a group of women from the Chin Myanmar who have sought refuge in Malaysia to escape violence and persecution stemming from forced religious assimilation in their home country

Refugees in Malaysia have no social status and are unable to access basic healthcare, education or government protection, meaning that employers often underpay and overwork them. They also live in fear of police raids which could potentially result in their deportation.

The women who assemble Boko Books have learnt craft skills to assist them in earning an income to support themselves and their family. Many of them work on the project from home and in their own time, giving them the flexibility to care for their families while still earning an income.

Due to this unconventional handmade process, Boko Books are not perfect and each book may differ from the next, as well as from the images on the listing. Although the women put their care and best efforts into each book and we do our best in checking over the books, sometimes things may not be perfect. In these cases, we ask that our customers are understanding of minor flaws. If there are major faults, please feel free to let us know so we can rectify the mistake.



Our main goal is to raise $50,000 of funding for the Boko Book project. The funds will go towards the production of Boko Books, which includes materials, storage space and payments to the Myanmar Chin ladies who will participate in the manufacturing of the product. One of the perks of the campaign is a donation to the Chin refugees, where the full amount from the donation will go towards funding necessities, education and renovations for their community.

Other perks include additions to the Boko Book to make it a suitable Christmas gift