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"I Am Responsible" Ele-Fun Star Chart (For 2 and 4 Kids)

Yoyoboko's Ele-Fun Star Chart is a behaviour chart for 3 to 8 year old children that aims to encourage responsibility and independence at an early age. The reward chart is designed for up to 2 kids and acknowledges children's positive behaviour changes by rewarding them and keeping them motivated to continue being responsible. Kids earn stars for their chore chart each time they demonstrate a relevant action, which can be exchange for a reward later on.

The chart features a magnetic back, making it possible to attach to other magnetic surfaces such as fridges! And with the included bag, any unused stars can be stored with ease. The responsibility chart features interesting and vibrant graphics to appeal to children, while also catering to those who can't read yet. It includes 18 activity magnets and 3 blank ones for any additional chores.

Yoyoboko I am Responsible Ele-fun Star Chart for 4 kids

Yoyoboko I am Responsible Ele-fun Star Chart for 2 kids

Supplementary Chore Pack for Ele-Fun Star Chart

This complementary chore pack for Yoyoboko's "Ele-fun Star Chart" is packed with an additional 18 chores, and 3 blank tiles to complement the Ele-fun Star Chart. These complementary chores are catered to children who are ready to take on greater responsibilities and older children or adults. When used in conjunction with the separately sold reward chart, children's efforts and positive behavioural changes are acknowledged through a rewards system that keeps them motivated to continue being responsible.


ABC Magnetic Letters, Numbers and Punctuation

Yoyoboko's Magnetic Letters, Numbers and Punctuation is designed to establish and develop your child's literacy and mathematical foundation. The upper and lower case letters and punctuation marks can be used in conjunction to create sentences and practice the usage of grammar and punctuation. The Magnetic Letters, Numbers and Punctuation set is magnetic and includes 52 uppercase letters, 52 lowercase letters, 20 numbers, 6 math symbols, 5 punctuation marks and a convenient storage bag.


Boko Book - Around the House and Let's Go Outside

Boko Book is a lightweight and portable quiet book that encourages self-learning, fine motor skills and teaches various life skills. It aims to provide kids with exciting, engaging and educational activities to complete that keeps them focused and occupied. Designed in Australia with interesting and practical activities on each page and assembled in Malaysia by refugee women from Afghanistan and Myanmar, Boko Book was created with the aim to benefit children through educational play, while also assisting refugee women and their families with employment as they build new lives after their times of tribulation.

Boko Books are felt activity books designed with the goal of independent, educational learning for children. It is available in 2 different versions, each containing 14 pages of highly practical and mentally stimulating activities for children aged 3 and above to complete. From one book, younger children can familiarise themselves with basic numbers, colours, seasons and weather conditions while learning skills like sorting and counting, and with the other book, older children can be introduced and get accustomed to various household activities, habits and chores which may be relevant to them as they grow.

Both versions of Boko Book

Boko Book Around the house 4 page spread

Boko Book Let's Go Outside 4 page spread


Bumble Bee Time Teacher

The Yoyoboko is the Bumble Bee Time Teacher was specially designed to assist parents in teaching their children to tell the time. It is easy to use and provides a fun and easy way to teach your children the concept of time. The chart features digital, analog and worded time, as well and many different time telling expressions that are used in everyday life. 

This chart features a large analog clock that can be used in combination with the digital and worded numbers to tell and read the time in numerous ways. It provides kids with an understanding of the difference between AM and PM, as well as the concept of 'to' and 'past'. The large numbers and words are easy to read for both children and grown-ups. 



Honey Date Monthly Magnetic Calendar

Yoyoboko's Honey Date is a magnetic calendar which can be attached to any magnetic surface, including fridges and whiteboards. The eye-catching calendar features various magnets to suit different occasions, magnets for the 31 days of each month, 4 different colored markers and a magnetic eraser.

Yoyoboko Honey Date Calendar


Paint My Day Activity Planning Clock

Yoyoboko's Paint My Day Planning Clock is a magnetic educational product that was designed to teach kids about organisation and time management. The Planning Clock is fun and easy to use. You can teach your kids the value of time and how to manage their time, while having fun and bonding with them as you schedule fun activities together. 

Children can plan their day according to the time by placing the activity magnets on the relevant half an hour time slot. The clock hands can be moved to assist kids in telling the time, and the marker can be used to write down the time as well. The clock comes with magnetic chores and a write & wipe marker. 

Yoyoboko Paint My Day Activity Planning Clock