Yoyoboko is looking for influencers to join us on our social entreprise journey

With our latest product, Boko Book, we’ve started working with refugee women from Afghanistan and Myanmar to provide them with an income to make it easier for them to transition into their new lives in Malaysia.
To keep this project going and to continue supporting more of these amazing ladies, we need your help to promote Boko Book to your audience.
To assist your promotions, we would be able to provide:
  • Boko Book discounts for your audience
  • A commission for each book purchased with your discount code
  • Special giveaways to your audience
  • A wonderful feeling of contentment knowing that you’re helping to improve the lives of an underprivileged group of women

We hope you’ll join us in our endeavour to continue providing support to these women while also introducing great products to more families around the world ♥︎

Please send forward any interests or questions to carmen@yoyoboko.com